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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Maududi tax analysts

Maududi tax analysts believe that political discourse should be a tool of the terrorists are. For a moment, it is true that an internal analysis. But Maulana Maududi as kalam wrong if "statement" in the guise of the accused, but charges may be levied on any minimum Maulana Maududi Never logical to impose on the matter because I only specific theological terminology has not only developed but also "practical exercise" thirty to forty years of practical and dynamic way, is left behind. If that happened I just like Marcus Golden Rule are valued by telling them to leave the world as it is no logical connection, but only if they themselves practice it, but a process to tell the final It was a long process. If I take any of the terms, but for them which method they would use if I oppose all ages's her fault I eat what is put under the logic? It is just standing there like a pair of medical science in a book to read for the surgical everyone was unconscious and dying without the antibiotic surgical thus begin to see it in the book, but that does not bother Medical He said the surgical procedure. Barber says this surgery is the medical science of surgery that he mentions in the book as to why? Some may understand, to analyze the internal logic may be considered if the principles of

Educational institutions in the context of a ban on Jamaat

Educational institutions in the context of a ban on Jamaat activities are possible:
- The educational institutions are in the grip of terrorism and religious scholars in the guise of a man attacked them, so their activities can be prevented. In this case it will move to a temporary nature
- The modern educational institutions so that extremist individuals are leaving convolution to prevent religious activity be suspended. Otherwise it within its far-reaching and serious consequences and implications is for.
None of the Tablighi Jamaat elders have reacted to it? Their reaction could probably explain some of the terms

Tablighi Jamaat's

Tablighi Jamaat's activities in modern organizations ban imposed on it by the modern institutions that will help prevent extremist tendencies, it is folly. Tomorrow is a new education law that would have to be the one that will sit in there, preaching, teaching them? Then tomorrow modern educated people who preach the gathering will take hold? And then say trsun the propagation of teachers in some educational institutions, so no teacher in class should not mention any religious institutions out of them?
It should be obvious reality that Tablighi Jamaat is deep but very deep social roots, cut off from society, it is a jihadist group which coercion through law and possible social exclusion. Such a rise in extremism robe policies that will cause a decrease.

Liberalism, only a policy package

Liberalism, only a policy package (democracy, free market etc.) is not, in our liberal thinkers of the liberal concept to explain to the individual (self) suffer from the nobility and the social structures and policies are described in the package . In terms of knowledge because it is a misplaced notion of social policy package as a certain type of tool is retrieved. It really liberal thinkers or the fact it is not known or deliberately "simplicity" of the show. The simplicity of this statement because they know that there is often a liberal concept (ie liberalism Faith) is so ugly that strategy as it would be better if the list is not exposed. Without discussing the liberal concept of liberalism policy package to try to sell the yogurt is tantamount to cheating.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Ahyay key to scramble system ..... The system does this individual or a single party system

People have this idea that we need to prablmatayz system (perhaps he or she will automatically hujay fine is less significant or currently halted, and should focus on other business) or a complex No single individual or organization alone can tackle the system is, in fact, they might not understand the system and its highly conquers miscalculation (underestimate) are spent sitting. A simple example to understand. Is commonly observed that parents listen to a child (or to join them) instead of the TV (eg cartoon or advertisement) is attracted to lose. Finally, what is the reason? Why is it that bch.bap 'linkage' of a species a species, whereas bch.ty V connection from a caste of a person rather become themselves an organization is related to the name. TV is the fact that a company millions of intelligent beings come into existence is from the fabric of the relationship (for example, people who work in the Houses of Production, Artists and Models, lykhary and poet, advertisers, marketing dypartmntz corporations, universities teach marketing People ugyrhm). The society's myriad brightest minds together on a regular basis of knowledge to create a cartoon or advertisement that could attract pcy. Obviously the father alone can not defeat the minds of millions. Millions of people in this together 'relationship srmay' are integrated and connected, and all the children together (not all) are now attracting the srmay are the same repression.

Obviously now this system can not be defeated by the struggle of the individual level (eg from the lectures of the parents will not awaken love, though it should). Does the individual person, the party system (setting relations and editorial alignment) system, can compete (which says a soldier deserves a soldier). Single person or a group of individuals struggling definitely a few million people, but it is possible to reform the system of repression to protect the system and it is very difficult to take the lives of his brother is where he being that is, whether we like it or do not. Prablmatayz to change the system is a very basic need. It should also be remembered that the system 'only' images can not be destroyed or replaced because they are a "scholarship" are established and scholarship, the scholarship could be competition.

'Secular state is not an ethical agenda ... secularists, deceitful updates

Secular people often sings the melody, but on the religion, false rationalism 'to gain the fear that' secularism is merely the separation of religion and state and a secular state, not an ethical agenda It consists of good and evil in the neutral (neutral) is used. ' The purpose of this claim, to prove (rather spoof) occurs that (1) the secular state, a positive (positive, like the fact that he is) does not state that narmytu (normative, like the fact that it should be), ( 2) therefore undermine the secular state, I do not have any idea (3) the promotion of good ideas, but is an equal opportunity (4) The State-positive (secular) should be based not on religious grounds It is considered neutral in terms of religion because (Have you noticed that apparently 'innocent' to see how dangerous this claim incident occurred is printed).

But secular people say that "secularism is merely the separation of religion and the secular state and its no moral agenda (of the concept of right and wrong upymanh) is not 'not only funny but also a contradiction in itself (self-contradictory ) is claimed. I imagine myself that religion be separated from the state, '' should '' (the word 'should' consider) an ethical choice and not a matter of priority? Then say, 'religion remain restricted to private life' must '(the word' should 'focus on collection) right and wrong choice of a particular priority? (Obviously the ideal of secularism still not convinced of the moral priority, such as Marxism in its original form, the individual freedom of religion is not lawful). Then imagine that instead of religion or any other basis of collective management (eg human rights) be based on '' should '' (the word 'should' come again) a concept of right and wrong? Emanating from the Human Rights welcomed the good ideas on the other, to give priority, not a moral priority, then the world's human rights test of good ideas 'test' and the test assay them, 'of being right or wrong to pass judgment' bzab himself devised a measure of good and evil is not conducted? In fact, this kind of childish about secularism, can claim the same person again about the discourse of secularism unaware situation hu.aysy rational person can only be

The story of modern man's rebellion

Atheist philosophers of the eighteenth century, the tall claims that we did not seek the true religion, truth, meaning, value, justice, knowledge and beauty inspired to accept based on human reason rather than build, Inc. claims The truth, the truth, meaning, value, justice, knowledge and beauty, we will build the interpretation they shall be rational, it must be based on facts but rather based on the assumption, therefore, the world's largest man forced to admit it will contain.
But what happened then? Two hundred years of philosophical Lim felt, and the result is 'their universal human truth, reality, meaning, value, justice, wisdom and beauty can not know'.
At this point, the law recognized his intellectual incapacity Independent Member elbow to his Lord that he should turn his plan to defeat the rebellion slogan which was to be God's claim that he fully understood hucka .
But how strange it is concerned that the defeat should hujany enough to open his eyes, he was the symbol of their defiance of their Lord took more increase. Instead of accepting defeat, he said it's true, truth, meaning, value, justice, knowledge and beauty are not named any item, all additional and meaningless concepts. Today claim their 'search' is considered the only truly claim his 'defeat' (retreat) is acknowledged and that the insurgency.
But he must remember that death is irrevocable, the Lord is close to his attendance at all ...... I open the door of repentance is all online, and his Lord is merciful. Writtent By Proffersor Zahird Mughal

Cstyan of mtjddyn .... '' The (including the Companions and successors) were human beings just like us'

Mtjdd an emerging from India who said:
'' The man who was also our utmost to take the message of the prophets and their conditions of thmyl be sufficient privilege. We do not build their halo of sanctity around these shortcomings will not create obstacles in our way and we in the intellectual divine inspiration derived from the acquisition of the latter have the courage payyngy. But the problem that faces the canonization history and Orthodox are concerned that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah with Egypt on the four caliphs, imams, the imams usher Meanwhile, imams sbah etc. also be considered orthodox who expressed a The orthodoxy of divine revelation may understand the interpreter and the interpreter? (Rashid absent)

Dykyhy rare here's what fitness is demonstrated, they want it marked the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) teachings of divine revelation received from ours and that of the apostle who taught were taught to huun As the nation's hardly just a "thinker" who accept the revelation of the divine name would understand ..... Wow wow I, Allah, the knowledge of what they are. According to those who recite divine inspiration, education, purification, first addressed in the context of wisdom and revelation in the streets interpreter (s) of their opinion as they have knowledge of the market which is just in our knowledge of these mtjddyn The reference point of a Sunni less is more modern scientific discourse. What if it was not a rational poverty?

Another active source, the religious interpretations of historically reliable evidence with great Actively 'understanding of their environment revelation' (he is on the errors which, according to our circumstances, if the imams also revealed numerous poor the right not to understand, they understand what our situation is sufficient dust) declared it necessary to justify abandoning the construction of the new understanding is sought. Mtjddyn ever bothered to consider it. But we will not fair how that turned this situation, what really changed circumstances, it is a natural product, is replaced by the light of changed circumstances revealed or made part suspended?or revelation of punching it is modified according to the circumstances of changing?

Modified present because of the complex analysis of this kind are required, so it's quite hard mtjddyn 'to modernize religion' would assume the easy way. Intellectual laziness, but is obviously not a scientific attitude.

'' If the time is ahead '? The argument that a modern mind

Ages Oli speaks of traditional religious mind is the modern mind that it is an unequivocal fact that the object, you may want to take us back cleric, time always moves forward is, is the law of nature '. This argument is understood as the modern mind and he just won a lot of knowledge. But his form this is a bogus argument and the scientific evidence behind it as it is driven by the assumption that change is coming true or is arhy, as a discrete sense of time moving around or hmh dimension to realize, but it does not .

Advancing the name of a discrete item, but it is an ethos that always change and progress "by ayydyyl 'does (the detail was lost in a previous post). In fact, the present, capital raising and moving toward the direction of complementary accessories to realize ', the item is legal & potential to expand opportunities it created. Not that far away, hrpymany and sides, moving to realize (ie not so modern man has been made on each scale). For example, in the majority of modern developed countries and no difference in getting people's ignorance, but the ignorance of modern man has become more savage than man's two hands (the modern imagery detail in a previous post was made). The modern man's ignorance of the helmet reduces suffering today is just like it was not accidentally turned on, a direct relationship is with the modern system of life by which time it is going to develop. So we can say that the numerous standards based on modern man is the most backward (in the sense that the ignorance of the deeper pstyun fell into the pit where the master of the black garments (SAW) and his companions (RA), the it was pulled).

The value of preferences is the real problem, the scale has changed when growth starts to decline and it is the opposite. Maulvi retraction of the Ages by Oli does not go back, go forward, does not matter, and that is the standing rule of preferences (Ages prime Rahmani values ​​proceed by the capitalist devil values is the name of the bus). Since the modern mind the horse and camel riding on the car and the plane, instead of multi-story mud house flats, letters to the messages on Facebook and mobile itself is the most important moral entity assumes, therefore, the brhny '' All the same standards, testing concepts juasky specific values ​​their preferences do not make it possible to realize fun. But to realize that poor standing as a neutral venue option hukr items or reject them by analyzing legal & am (except for all the wisdom and understanding, particularly clerics).

The modern mind most unfortunate situation is that the Muslim thinkers and intellectuals of the modern discourse 'proceed' 'who want to bow down before this argument. This' modern standards have been increased, when it presented Islam to the world that Islam and see if you can not die with the requirements of shame hukr water and begin to repair its investment process The name 'absolute democracy' 'are taking place with the ancestors who are the ones that seem to Cocos absolute closing the door (it actually becomes just are who they are integrated into the capitalism Close to the door).

Hazrumujud market (liberal capitalism) to manage the root causes of violence

In the world in which we breathe today an important feature of the great majority, the yargy and non mhfuzyt '(vulnerability) is the state. Non mhfuzyt consists of various forms of this condition: for example, poverty, unemployment, poor, crime etc often (but still boast of modern man is to realize that the best time to take breath in, and this claim it brings alienation from the concept of retraction is by kyralqrun). These forms of non mhfuzyt some conversation about today's modern mind is prone to poverty These people probably do not grow on trees or dropped from the heavens Living. The main actors of the current system to eliminate poverty, economists do something so it was impoverished as a natural product and it's a great responsibility to erase their heads are pointing. But is it true that the mhfuzyt shapes using the same poem, which I want to finish it. A study of the history of the seventeenth century, the region was self-sufficient huakrty (eg Lord Macaulay's report found that India was not a poor, helpless people, but today we are hundreds), but efficiency (the struggle continues in capital) under the concept of a world without discrimination means factories abadkrny raise capital to return to Europe when the world lighting market as a "sole and universal culture, was the pabndbnaya the societies vulnerable (vulnerable) started. Gyrmhfuzyt in this epoch of increased enormously following reasons:

1) liberal capitalism (market), development of lighting: The previous post described in detail how the market hucky social organization aims to build relations based on individualism, it is not a result of what they earn here (the seller) is not worthy becomes vulnerable (eg elderly, disabled, poor, unemployed, uneducated knowledge capitalism, sick, crazy). It was also noted that the system of relief from the crushing solution does not exist
2) promotion of global imperialist system: Tanvir An interesting feature of concern to hoodwink is through fair terms. So here is a growing awareness that the individual's freedom is welcome, the independent (individual is sovereign), but in practice it promotes a social system where the individual is vulnerable when they need a system where decisions On the main level are collectively (at the state level and at the global level). As a result of the coming crisis in a country and the nation out of this crisis, the policies of the poor and weak countries suffer the consequences. Even the name of the free market on vulnerable countries' liberalization and a reduction in state intervention, waste is sent to the interests of powerful countries live justify state intervention in the economy (the deep foundations of the behavior of the description This opportunity, summarized the capitalist economic system requires an extra Nation State recognition on the political level, a national identity so far failed to identify the most extensive).
3) World astamaranh intervention: the imperialist powers to third mhfuzyt their ideological, political and economic objectives for the intervention in other countries (eg Pakistan mhfuzyt many forms in the United States to meet the objectives of astamaranh were created). Under this traditional local klcraur Editorial end alignment (which are specific ways social setting) they forced the market and democratic order is imposed (Note well, the history of democracy in any country of the world, Democracy can not be imposed in a democratic manner, but was imposing forced him everywhere). This intervention independence and Development (capital increase) Global System (globalization) is to ensure that the local communities as a result of wear and tear on the numerous nature yargy conditions are at greater risk, with the hope that a Describes the day the system will take care of their distresses.